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The Love Generation
Love and Sunshine: The Best of...

Here we have the Sunshine Pop sound brought to almost frighteningly happy heights.

Helmed by John and Tom Bahler, backup singers extraordinaire who later went on to contribute tunes to the Partridge Family, the Love Generation is pre-fab hippie pop at its dippiest. Even if taken for camp value, the collection is sometimes too silly to be enjoyable.

The opening track, "Groovy Summertime," features ba-ba-bas gone berserk. Any number of these tunes could've been used as 60s Coca-Cola jingles. Featuring blended male/female harmonies, some of the better tunes recall the Fifth Dimension and the Mamas and Papas.

How much you enjoy it all depends on your stomach for ultra-saccharine harmonies and such lyrics as “we can share the gardens of our minds” and “we'll be higher than high when we touch the sky you and I.” It's for Sunshine die-hards only.

Buy it from Amazon

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